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Totally purged out this LJ and am starting from scratch. Not gonna lie, it took me more than a week to figure out what I wanna do with it (let's face it, I'm not a journal type of person. My thoughts are scrambled everywhere) but now that I've put some thought into it, I guess I'll use this as my online sketchbook or something.

So first doodle is for blacklicorice99 who was feeling pretty off. What better way to say it than a doodle of Alcide nomming on black licorice, eh?

I still have no idea how to use Livejournal.

Tags: alcide herveaux, doodles

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    Huzzah, another head practice. I made Steve's eyes too big and he looks like a puppy dog instead of a Super Soldier.

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    This city’s lost all hope, I repeat, I boast The strange will walk alone They scurry with their doubt The darkness shrouds, the sirens…

  • I r fencer, hear me rawr.

    Note to self: Get fencing suit and blade, pronto!

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